Meet California CPA (English Version)

Q: Give us a Quick description of yourself and where you come from and what you do outside the flickr life?
A: As my flickr name implies I am a CPA licensed in California. CPA stands for Certified Public Accountant.. so mostly I do Taxes and help people with their accounting. I am actually half Spanish and half North American. I spent most of my childhood in Spain but got my degree in the US…. now I live in California since December 2005. I am married to an amazing cook from Spain and have 3 boys. 2 of them were born in Spain and one was born in Holland.

Q: How did you meet Flickr the first time?
A: I created an account so that my mom in Spain could see what our life was like in California. Mostly pictures of my kids (I have 3 boys) and the area where I live.

Q: How do you got into photography?
A: Well I have always loved gadgets so for me a camera was an ultimate gadget! so many settings you can change! hahahaha.. Even now I have 3 Point and Shoots and 2 DSLRs :)
Actually it was one of my sisters that loved to see my pictures.. at first I thought she was kidding but it seems she really liked them, so I decided to spend a bit more time learning how to take a photo, to surprise her.

Q: what do you like Most on photography/what inspires you most?
A: I love it when a photo triggers curiosity in the brain. Usually you look at a photo for a split second, categorize it and are ready to move to the next, its the way the brain works, but I love it when you have to take that second or third look.. it can be anything from a breathtaking scenery to a reflection or even a simple shadow…

Q: Are there any funny/amazing Things you experienced While Shooting?
A: There are actually quite a few… I remember I asked my 3 year old son to run towards me so I could try the new fast focus lock on my DSLR.. the funny part is that he tripped in the last minute and hit me and the camera head on full force!! At least I got a shot of him with his eyes closed before impact! :)
Also going shooting with the flickr people in Los Angeles is a lot of fun.. people look at us like we are crazy :)

Q: What Equipment you are using?
A: I have Canon 5D mk2 with a 20mm f1.8 (sigma), 50mm f1.4, 100mm f2.0, 24-70mm f2.8, 15-30mm (sigma), 70-200mm f4
Also I have a Panasonic GF1 with a 20mm f1.7, 14-140mm, 9-18mm, a Canon s90 and 2 small Panasonic P&S

Q: For what kind of shots you are using a tripod?
A: I very rarely use a tripod. I usually shoot on instinct, so even HDRs I take them handheld. I have even taken HDRs of a landscape handheld from a moving car!! I think I have only used a tripod for group shots or long exposure of a river or the ocean.

Q: Whats your favorite Lens?
A: there are so many… :) I love the quality of canon L lenses but for portraits I just love the 100mm f2.0 lens and for other types of shots I am using the sigma 20mm f1.8 a lot. it is not very sharp but the DOF and wide angle is pretty sweet.

Q: Do you shoot JPG or Raw? And why?
A: I always shoot RAW unless its an HDR.. RAW just gives you the edge when you are editing.. and I am really big in editing :)

Q: whats your favourite contact on flickr? And why?
A: Well thats gotta be you! of course!! hahaha.. man, it is so hard to choose one.. there are so many amazing photographers on flickr, plus a lot of funny guys as well. Contacts that are great photographers would be: Extra Medium; Isayx3, Bigboydrums, Andy Kennelly, CarLee, _ARSHIA_, 57mondays… I am forgetting so many..

Q: Do you use other Plattforms to publish Photos?
A: Nope. I only have time for flickr… and that is already very time consuming! :)

2 Antworten to “Meet California CPA (English Version)”

  1. Hey bro!!! You’re famous!! Me ha encantado leer la entrevista y tus nuevas fotos son maravillosas. No dejes nunca de sorprenderme please!!! Un besico,

  2. Oh wow John, this is an amazing interview, and great job Marc!

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